Nine Mile Community Cider Pressing & Chili Cook-off

We coordinate with several organizations to host a cider pressing and chili cook off party at the Nine Mile Community Center. This Fall event gives people an opportunity to get together for a fun event while encouraging them to gather their fruit and minimize bear attractants near their homes. Demonstrations, brochures and tables provide additional information about living in bear country. Now that you have some cider, you can find some hints on how to store it along with some recipes here [PDF].

Wildlife Lecture Series
The NWW Annual “Celebrate Wildlife” Lecture Series began in 2007 and has been a success ever since. We suspended the lecture series due to Covid and look forward to resuming it when safe. Learn more about our lectures on our Events page here. 

Bear Aware
As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce human/bear conflicts, Ninemile Wildlife Workgroup secured a grant in 2012 to cover much of our area with bear resistant garbage cans. This program ended in 2014, You can read the details of this project here.  See also Bear Aware.

Through 2020, our semi-annual newsletter is mailed to all NWW members and residents of the greater Ninemile-Sixmile area every spring and fall.  These newsletters introduced our group to local communities while providing tips on living with wildlife, informed residents about ongoing projects and upcoming events, and provided basic information about wildlife. 

Have a peek at our past issues by dowloading these PDF files!   Spring 2011 / Fall 2011 / Spring 2012 / Fall 2012 / Spring 2013 / Fall 2013 / Spring 2014 / Fall 2014 / Spring 2015 / Fall 2015 / Spring 2016 / Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 / Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 / Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 / Fall 2019 / Winter 2019 / Spring 2020

Adopt a Highway Program
Members of the Ninemile Wildlife Workgroup maintain a 2 mile stretch of Hwy. 10 west of the old railroad bridge. We pick up trash along our stretch of highway frequently. If you’d like to help, please contact Dale Chik at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nine Mile/Remount Weed Management Area
The Nine Mile/Remount Weed Management Area was created in the 1990's and has been successful in helping local landowners manage their weeds through cooperative grants since then. A bit more recently, the group received Noxious Weed Trust Grants in 2011 and in 2013. In 2015, Lindsey Bona, from the Missoula County Weed District, and Pat Sweeney, weed board member, made a presentation to the state wide committee in Helena. They didn't get the full amount they were seeking, but did manage to get $27,000 to help combat noxious weeds in our valley. This will help to keep our habitat for livestock and wildlife healthy and productive and ultimately benefit us all. If you'd like to learn more about the what the weed district does, learn a few things about weeds, or perhaps view last year's annual report, you can visit their website. This letter shows how the Ninemile Wildlife Workgroup works with and supports the Weed Management Area.

Want to Get Involved?

We need volunteers to help us out with our projects and events.  Let us know how you can help by contacting us and we will add you to our list of volunteers.