The Ninemile Wildlife Workgroup's mission is to promotes knowledge and stewardship of local wildlife and habitat within the communities and public lands of the Ninemile, Huson, and Alberton regions. 

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Join us for the Ninemile Wildlife Workshop Lecture Series!

Both lectures will be held at the Alberton Senior Center in Alberton, MT

Thursday, April 14, 7pm Long-term Bee Monitoring at MPG Ranch by Marirose Kuhlman

Restoration projects aim to return diverse plant communities and ecosystem function to disturbed landscapes. Native bees play a critical role to increase biodiversity because they are our main pollinators. In 2013, MPG Ranch in the Bitterroot Valley initiated a long-term bee monitoring program, in part to monitor how bee communities respond to habitat restoration treatments that are large-scale, intensive, and ongoing at MPG Ranch. For the last three years, we have documented thousands of bees and even added new species to Montana’s bee species list. We have more exciting bee discoveries come to the lecture to find out the cool and interesting news!

Thursday, May 12, 7pm The Hills are Alive with the Sound of . . . Alarm Calls: Wildlife’s Distant Early Warning Systems by Erick Greene

Dr. Erick Greene is a professor in the Division of Biological Sciences and in the Wildlife Biology Program. He grew up with twin passions for music and nature. Erick has been able to combine his interests in music and biology by studying how animals use sounds to communicate with each other. These studies in bioacoustics show that animals convey a fantastic amount of information with their vocalizations.


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