Date: Tue. 14 May, 2019 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Osprey as Canaries: bellwethers of environmental contamination, Erick Greene -Division of Biological Sciences, and Wildlife Biology Program University of Montana UM Professor, 

Dr. Erick Greene is a professor in the Division of Biological Sciences and Wildlife Biology Program at the University of Montana. You may remember his compelling talk in 2016 when he spoke to us about interspecies communication through vocalization. This time, he’ll share his long history of studying osprey which began with studying osprey colonies in Nova Scotia as a part of his undergraduate honor's thesis. He currently works on the Montana Osprey Project, a long-term study of ospreys along the upper Clark Fork River and its tributaries. You may know about the Osprey Project as it is often highlighted in news articles, on local television, or have seen the study nests on web cams in the Hellgate Canyon and on the Dunrovin Ranch along the Bitterroot River.
The ospreys will have recently arrived from their wintering grounds. Hear from an expert about these fascinating and easily observed fishing specialists.

All Welcome, Free of Charge

Alberton Senior Center - 701 Railroad Ave (1.6 miles W from I90 Exit 77 at Petty Creek), 7PM


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